Friday, June 25, 2010

Vedanta, the Science of Being !

The systematised knowledge of Nature is Science. All sciences study Being.

For instance, physics is the science of Being as Matter. Maths, the science of Being as Number. Chemistry, the science of Being as qualities etc. But the Scientia Prima, Vedanta, studies Being as Being, in its pure state.

Many have walked the Path of Self Actualisation. Many have intuited Truth. Their experiences of Absolute Truth have been recorded as the Upanishads, as the Kabalah, as Geetha etc. These experiences of Truth are called Sruthi ( Vedas ).

In order to actualise Truth, a threefold criterion of Truth has been promulgated.

The experiences of the Seers of Wisdom ( Sruthi )
Logic ( Yukti )
Self Realisation ( Atmanubhoothi )

Aurobindo actualised Absolute Truth, only to know that what he actualised was exactly as it was described in the Upanishads !

Reason is undoubtedly a helpful guide and when it is supplanted by a suprarational Intuition, Truth becomes experiential.

Reason is symbolised as male and Intuition as female. In the Divine Comedy, Dante represents the male intellect and Beatrice, female Intuition.

The great hold of Vedanta upon the intelligentia all over the world is due to a mingling of Intuition and Reason.

The Ashtavakra Geetha is a great Vedantic treatise. King Janaka, a philosopher King, is initiated into the mysteries of Vedanta by Ashtavakra, a Seer. Ashtavakra tells him that all this is a mirage of the Mind and that the Absolute Self is the only Reality.

That Consciousness Bliss Thou art
Upon whom this Universe is superimposed !
Like the blueness in the sky
Know that and be ever happy !

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