Friday, June 25, 2010

The Solar & the Lunar Path !

In Transcendental Philosophy, two paths have been described.

The Solar Path is the Path of the Yogis. Those who aspire to Self Actualisation and attain to it follow this path celestial !

The Solar Path!

The Northern progress of the Sun ( Uttarayana, from Capricorn to Cancer), the Bright Fortnight and birth or death during day is considered as positive. This is the Solar Path or Deva Yana

Agnir jyothir aha shukla
Shan masa Uttarayanam
Tatra Prayatha Gaschanti
Brama brahma vido janah

The Lunar Path

In this Path, the yogi is subject to recurrence.

Dhoomo ratri thada krishna
Shan masa dakshinayanam
Tatra chandra masam jyothih
Yogee prapya nivarthathe

The Southern progress of the Sun ( Dakshinayana, from Cancer to Capricorn), the Dark Fortnight and birth or death during night is considered as the Lunar Path, the Pithru Yana

The Solar and the Lunar Path figure in the Song Celestial, the Geetha. In Vedic Astrology, the Bright Fortnight, 15 days after the New Moon, is considered as positive. The Dark Fortnight, 15 days after the Full Moon, is considered as negative. The Northern Progress of the Sun is considered as positive and Southern Progress is considered as negative. Day is considered as positive and Night as negative.

These two poetic verses mean that birth or death during the positive phases are considered positive. Seers and poets follow the Solar Path ( Sol or Sun represents the Inner Sun, the Absolute Self ) and mundane or worldly people follow the Lunar Path ( Lunar signifies Mind). The mundane are subject to recurrence, that is the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The Seers who follow the Solar Path ascend and merge in the Absolute Self !

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