Friday, June 25, 2010

Of Yogis, Sufis, Cabalists & Gnostics

With courage as Father
And Patience as Mother
Peace as the beloved consort
Truth as Son
Compassion as sister
And Psychic Control as brother
With Earth as their home
And Wisdom as Food
They exist; such a class
Are the Yogis, Sufis, Gnostics !

Where everything is One
Where One sees only the One
Where One alone exists per se
Whom should they fear?

This is a translation of the Verse by the great poet Bharthrihari

Dhairyam yasya pitha
Kshama hi janani
Shanti chirak Medini
Sathyam Soonu Rayam
Daya his Bhagini
Bhratha mana samyama
Sayyad bhoomi thalam
Disopa vasnam
Jnanamrutham Bhojanam
Eithe yasya kudumbine vada sakhe
Kasmath Bhayam Yoginah !

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