Friday, June 25, 2010

An Octet to the Remover of Obstacles


This is an octet to the Remover of Obstacles, Ganesha. His elephant head symbolises the Macrocosm and human body, the Microcosm. That which is on Above is that which is on Below ! He represents the Miracle of Unity.

The deities of the Hindu Pantheon are the impulses of Creative Intelligence. He is the remover of all impediments and He can easily remove all hindrances and grant victory to the devotee. We are all battling the barriers to success every day and He can effortlessly remove those barriers and grant success to us. Hence He becomes an important Deity !

This Octet has the power of not only arousing the Kundalini, but of removing obstacles in our daily activities and granting success.

May He remove all obstacles in your life.

Yatho Anantha Shakthir Anathascha Jeeva,
Yatho Nirgunadha Aprameyaa Gunasthe,
Yatho Bhathi Saravam Tridha Bhedha Bhinnam,
Sada Tham Ganesam Namamo Bhajama.

Yathaschaviraseej Jagath Sarvametha,
Thadhabjasano Viswgo Viswagoptha,
Thandendradhayo Deva Sanga Manushya,
Sada Tham Ganesam Namamo Bhajama.

Yatho Vahni Bhanu Bhavo Bhoor Jalam cha,
Yatha Sagaraschandrama Vyoma Vayu,
Yatha Sthavara Jangama Vruksha Sangha,
Sada Tham Ganesam Namamo Bhajama.

Yatho Dhanava, Kinnara Yaksha Sangha,
Yatha Scharana Varana Swapadascha,
Yatha Pakshi Keeta Yatho Veerudasha,
Sada Tham Ganesam Namamo Bhajama.

Yatho Budhir Ajnananaso Mumukshor,
Yatha Sampadho Bhaktha Santhoshika Syu,
Yatho Vigna Naso, Yatha Karya Siddhi,
Sada Tham Ganesam Namamo Bhajama.

Yatha Puthra Sampadhyatho, Vanchithartho,
Yatho Abhakthi Vignasthadha Anekaroopa,
Yatho Shoka Mohaou Yatha Kama Eva,
Sada Tham Ganesam Namamo Bhajama.

Yatho Anantha Shakthi Sasesho Bhabhoova,
Dharadhararenakaroope cha Shaktha,
Yatho Anekadha Swargalolka Hi Nana,
Sada Tham Ganesam Namamo Bhajama.

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