Friday, June 25, 2010

The Reader's Heaven !

Is there a consolation in Philosophy ? In the mirages of Metaphysics ? If not, why do people turn to Wisdom ?

Boethius wrote the Consolations of Philosophy, De Consociation Philosohiae. It is Wisdom which alone can comfort Man !

Why do people read Books ? Do they find pleasure in reading ? Is there a Reader's Heaven, which scholars averr ?

Longfellow defended this view. He wrote

The scholar and the world, the endless strife
The discord in the harmonies of life,
The love of learning, the sequesterd nooks,
And the sweet serenity of books
The Marketplace, eager love for gain
Whose aim is Vanity, whose end is pain !

So it is better to be a scholar curled in his books than a bizman, who knows not what is mental peace !

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