Friday, June 25, 2010

The Maya of transcendental philosophy !

The male component of the Ultimate is Brahman
The female component is Maya.

Brahman and Maya, Purusha and Prakriti, Shiva and Shakti - these are the male and female components of the Ultimate in Indian Philosophy.

Brahman is Absolute
She is Relative
Brahman is Infiite
She is finite
Brahman is Formless
She is all forms
Brahman is One
She is Innumerable
Brahman is Being
She is Becoming

She is not the Absolute Evil of the Western conception ( Satan ). She is the prius of the phenomenal world, the Enchantress of resources infinite. She embodies Science, as Science is knowledge of the Relative. She is the fountainhead of unreason and irrationality.

Science kills Nescience (Knowledge of Brahman kills Ignorance).

Unlike Satan, She carries within Herself the secret of her death!

Brahman, the Absolute became the Lord and She became the Mother Divine. This is the symbolism behind the religions of India !

She is the Veil Divine which hides the Lord, as per His statement

Piercing the Veil Divine of phenomenality
Which hideth Me is difficult indeed.
But those who consecrate to Me
Pierce it and pass beyond !

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