Friday, June 25, 2010

Transience of sensory pleasures !

All these pleasures sensory
Contain with them seed of Sorrow !
They have a beginning and an end
The wise indulge not in them !

This plane of Sorrow can be overcome
By Equanimity of Mind !
The sinless Absolute dwells in Unity
And the Seers also in the Absolute

Know that Veda is triune
Be without the triune attributes !
Without dualities, without attributes three
Without thoughts of welfare material !

Nature is composed of three
Attributes; satwas, rajas, thamas
Divinity, humanity, bestiality
Know Nature to be threefold !
In Freud Id, Ego, Superego,
In Ayur, Vata, Pitta and Kapha
In Christianity Father, Son, Holy Ghost,
In Hinduism, Om, Tat, Sat
The Threefold Deity of Godhead !
In Wisdom, Life, Mind and Matter
The Lower Trilogy of Truth
Existence, Consciousness, Beatitude
The Higher Trilogy of Truth !
All represented by the Hexagram
With its two great triangles
The upward pointing triangle
The Higher Trilogy of Truth
The downward pointing triangle
The Lower Trilogy of Truth
The Lower Trilogy being
Instrument of Being-Knowledge-Bliss!

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