Friday, June 25, 2010

Of Positive and Negative Qualities !

Pride, arrogance and Vanity
Anger, roughness all these
Are negative qualities; Ignorance
And vaingloriousness too !

The negative qualities are called
Asuri Sampath, they bind the soul
To the sublunar world

In Mythology they are depicted
As Asuras, demons, fiends
Who bind Man to Hell
To Peacelessness and Misery.

Truth, righteousess, peace, Love
And the intellect discriminative
These are the major qualities five
Known as Daivi Sampat
They are the Five Pandavas !

Positive qualities liberate
Negative qualities do bind

Pride , strength, vanity
Lust, anger and Ego
The Renunciant has to renounce these
In order to be eligible
For Self Actualisation, the Goal !

The aspirant, established in the Self,
Never is sorrowful nor elated
Seeing the Absolute Self in all
He gets the unalloyed Universal Love

Only via Universal Love canst thou know Me
Knowing this the wise ones transcend !

Seated in the hearts of all am I
Ethics, Cognition all flow from Me !
I am He whom the fourfold Veds seek to know
I am the revealer of the Vedanta !

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