Friday, June 25, 2010

The priesthood, the Black Brotherhood !

" The priest is a scoundrel ", said Khalil Gibran. The priesthood indoctrinate their flocks with fanaticism. " Our Religion is the greatest", "Our Prophet is the greatest" and our " Book is the greatest " are their slogans.

So no wonder we find a lot of fanatics today. People believe the mythological tales to be historical, with the result they clash amongst themselves over allegorical and symbolic stories.

Books like " The Davinci Code", " The Love in the East" and " The Satanic Verses " serve a good purpose. They give a clear message to the people, telling them to get rid of their fanaticism.

The God of the philosophers is not the God of Theology.

The priesthood talk about a jealous and vengeful God, sitting in some antisceptic corner of the cosmos, an extra-cosmic Deity. The Yogis talk about an Indwelling Presence, a principle which works from within and a Principle which gives Divine guidance

There is conflict when Philosophy meets Theology. " We are dealing with a full size World Mystery here and a fight between the Black and White Brotherhoods ". said Frater Achad.

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