Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quantum Mysticism or Bridal Mysticism ?

This argument has been going on for centuries ! Which path is greater ?

Quantum Mysticism ( Jnana Yoga ) or Bridal Mysticism ( Bhakti Yoga )?

Quantum Mysticism has been defined as that Art of Mysticism where eternal truths are verified by Quantum Physics. The Mystic view that Reality has dual properties - as Relative Being & as Absolute Being - stands validated by Quantum Physics, which maintains that Matter has dual properties, the wave and the particle aspects !

Q M tells us to remove the veils of Ignorance, which is Mind and arrive at Reality which is Self. But imagine not that the path is easy !

The greatest enemy which is Mind
When subdued, shows us Reality !
Its conquest is the noblest conquest !

While this path is difficult and tedious, the same Seer Poets advocated another path, the Path of Bridal Mysticism, where Self is the Lover, Self is the Bride !

The world is multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-national, multi-religious and only Universal Love can redeem this world !

Love all beings
That is enough !

By loving all and serving all, we can unite with Him, who is Universal Love !

The same Seer Poets said that Bridal Mysticism is the noblest !

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