Friday, June 25, 2010

The three final stages of Becoming !

Man is given a choice by the All Wise Energy. Man can choose any path and the three major paths are,

Upward Movement
Arrested status
Downward lapse

The upward movement is the master movement of Nature. It is that which pulls us from Death to Immortality and realises in this body of earth the luminous Kingdom of Heaven.

The arrested status is a state where there is not much spiritual progress. Man is satisfied with material achievements, which do not give everlasting happiness. If perfect, it is only a transient perfection.

The downward lapse is coming down to the level of animals.

These three states are known in Transcendental Philosophy as Uttama, Madhyama and Adhama. As we choose, the Lord shall fulfill Himself in us.

These are the secret of the Vedas, the secret words, Ninya Vachamsi, sage wisdoms which utter their inner meaning to the Seer. The Secret words spoken to the purified in Soul and awakened in Knowledge.

Rather arise, transcend thyself, become thyself, the whole nature of man is to be more than himself. We find that every state of existence has a force which drives to transcend itself.

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