Friday, June 25, 2010

Hymns to Being & Becoming - Purusha Sooktam & Sree Sooktam

The Purusha is the Divine Spark in the human body. ( Puram vasathi ithi purushah ). He is the enjoyer of both happiness and sorrow. He is the Being and She, Prakriti, is the Becoming.

The Purusha Sooktham is one of the best hymns about Purusha, the Supreme Being, who along with His consort, Prakriti, is all this.

It is said that Purusha enveloped the earth on all sides, with thousands of heads, feet and hands.

All this is Purusha only, all that has been and all that will be. The visible and invisible Universes are He. His greatness is that He is more than the visible. The visible Universe is only one fourth of Purusha. Rest are like the invisible part of a submerged iceberg.

In the beginning, Purusha lay submerged in Inconscience. Says the Rig Veda " In the beginning darkness was hidden by darkness and all this was one big ocean of Inconscience. Universal Being was concealed by fragmentation".

Sree Sooktham is a Hymn to Becoming, to Nature, to the Mother of all that is. She is Sree or Lakshmi, the wife of the Preservative Aspect of Godhead. She is Prosperity Personified. Listening to Sree Sooktam is believed to bring in unexpected prosperity, while listening to Purusha Sooktam can elevate one spiritually.

These two Sookthams are superbly sung by B Vasanta.

Happy hearing and may you be blessed by Prosperity !

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