Friday, June 25, 2010

The philosophic sources of Evolution

Even though the world knows that Charles Darwin was the founder of the Law of Evolution, it was his grandfather Dr Erasmus Darwin, who first promulgated the concept in his book, Zoonomia.

He was the founder of the Lunar Society in 1764. The members met monthly at the time of the Full Moon and hence the name. The group consisted of intellectuals like Ben Franklin, Mathew Boulton, James Watt etc.

Dr Erasmus wrote Zoonomia in which he expounded the doctrine of evolution. Another scientist John Locke propounded the Law of Evolution, deriving it from the Hindu doctrine of Reincarnation or Metempsychosis.

This doctrine of Metempsychosis or Reincarnation was taken to England by the East India Company. The British Royal Society endorsed it. John Locke studied Metempsychosis and developed his evolutionary ideas.

Indian Mythology has it that the First Incarnation of the Lord was as a Fish, symbolising the evolutionary principle that Life came from the sea and that our primordial ancestors were aquatic.

The Law of Evolution is related to the Law of Becoming. The Human Man evolves into the Divine Man, by the process of evolution. There is an evolution of Consciousness behind the evolution of the species.

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