Friday, June 25, 2010

Leela, a better term than Maya !

Berkeley denied the existence of Matter. Esse est percipii, perception is essence, Mind is the Substance !

Mentalism postulates that all this is Mind !

Mentalism is essentially Illuisionism, as Mind can conjure up only Illusions ! It is Mind alone which veils Reality !

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi's philosophy can be called Illusionism or Mentalism. He advised everybody to abide as the Self. ( " In the infinite sky of Consciousness, the Sun of Self Realisation shines bright and brilliant. Disperse the cloud of Ego obstructing the moonlight of Consciousness and the bud of Truth begins to blossom. It is the only Absolute. There is no other. The Absolute Brahman becomes so the say  the Cosmic Mind and spreads this world. As it thinks, so it becomes. It is the Lord of Creation. Dissolve the Mind by thinking about its real nature. Be beyond the dualities of attraction and repulsion. The Self fills the Universe, being colourless, timeless and spaceless"- Paul Brunton. )

Aurobindo was a Realist. He asseverated that Maya is Real. " Maya is real, because it is the Self's experience of the Self". He averred that Leela, meaning the cosmic play of the Divine, is a better term than Maya. "Leela includes the idea of Maya and exceeds it ", said He. Leela is His play, Himself the play, Himself the player, Himself the playground ! His play which creates and recreates Himself in Himself for the sheer bliss of that self-creation !

Anandam Brahma. Anandena imani bhoothani jayante, anandena jathena jeevanthi, anandam prayantyabhi samvishanti !

( Bliss is Brahman. All exist in Bliss, all are created in Bliss and all devoured in Bliss ).

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