Saturday, June 26, 2010

Of the greatness of Wisdom !

Never stolen is Wisdom

Wisdom cannot be taxed either

Never sharable is Wisdom

Nor is She burdensome

She increases as one expends

The greatest Wealth is Wisdom!

( Na Chaura Haryam, na raja Haryam

Na Bhratru bhajyam, na cha bharakaree

Vyaye krithe vardhatha eve Nithyam
Vidyadhanam sarva dhanal pradhanam )

Never comparable is

Wealth to Wisdom

A king is respected in his own land

Whereas a scholar is respected everywhere !

(Vidvathwam cha nripathvam cha naiva thulyam kadachana

Swadeshe poojyathe rajah vidwan sarvatra poojyate )

- A Dante or a Goethe, an Aurobindo or a Tagore are extolled everywhere !

Humity is given by Wisdom

And by humility one succeeds

From success comes Prosperity

And from Prosperity Dharma & Bliss !

(Vidya dadathi vinayam vinayath yadi patratvam

Patrathvath dhanam apnothi dhanath dharma para sukham )

Beauty is great

And so is Character

Aristrocray is also ennobling

They are indeed riches !

But shineth they not without Wisdom

Hence the greatest ornament is Wisdom !

( Sundaropi susheelopi kuleenopi mahadhana

Shobhathe na vina vidyam Vidya Sarvasya Bhooshanam )

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