Friday, June 25, 2010

The 18 sciences of Indian Philosophy !


18 sciences glorious
Constitute Indian Philosophy !
The auxiliary sciences six
Astrophysics comprising of
Astrology, Astronomy & Philosophy
( Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora )
Science of Definition, Kalpa
Phonetics, Grammar, Poetics
The great Vedas four
Rik, Sama, Yajur, Atharva
The Science of Being, Mimamsa
The Science of Logic, Nyaya
Mythology, Symbolism of Verities
Ethics, the Science of Character
Ayus, the Science of Life
Archery and all martial arts
Musicology, the science of Music
And Economics, the science of Scarcity !

This is a translation of the verse

Angani vedaschathvaro
Meemamso nyaya visthara
Puranam Dharma Sastram cha
Vidya Hetva Chaturdasa
Ayurvedam dhanurvedam
Gandharvo veda eva cha
Artha sastra chathurthascha
Vidya Ashtadasa Smruthah

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