Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bruno - The Western Sankara !

Giordano Bruno was a non-dualist or an Advaitist. To him the Universe was an integral Whole.

"This entire globe, this star, not being subject to death, and dissolution and annihilation being impossible anywhere in Nature, from time to time renews itself by changing and altering all its parts. There is no absolute up or down, as Aristotle taught; no absolute position in space; but the position of a body is relative to that of other bodies. Everywhere there is incessant relative change in position throughout the universe, and the observer is always at the center of things." ( De la Causa, principio et uno, On Cause, Principle, and Unity) .

His philosophy was similar to the philosophy of the great Sankara, who maintained that the sum total energy in the Universe is an absolute constant and that Absolute Constant is divine !

When Bruno said that annihilation was impossible in Nature, he was confirming what scientists call the Law of Conservation of Energy or Matter. The Universe, in its aspect as Matter or Energy, can neither be created nor destroyed and all Universal Matter is One.

Many philosophers were inspired by Bruno's idea of Universal Unity. Sankara in the Orient also propounded this theory of Non-dualism or Monism. The great Max Muller said on his deathbed " If I believe in anybody in this world, it is Sankara of the East ".

Our salutations to Bruno for highlighting this idea of Universal Unity. Let this idea of Universal Unity end in World Peace, in a World Government !

To quote John J Kessler Phd, who wrote about Bruno " He is one martyr whose name should lead all the rest. He was not a mere religious sectarian who was caught up in the psychology of some mob hysteria. He was a sensitive, imaginative poet, fired with the enthusiasm of a larger vision of a larger universe ... and he fell into the error of heretical belief. For this poets vision he was kept in a dark dungeon for eight years and then taken out to a blazing market place and roasted to death by fire.

It is an incredible story.

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