Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mythology is symbolic, never literal !

Carl Gustav Jung was a genius. He declared that all Mythology, including Christian Mythology, is symbolic and allegorical and not literal.

A disciple of Freud, Jung came across a fanstastic discovery. He was researching on the dreams of some of his patients. He wrote the figures seen by his patients and saw that they bear a close resemblance to the figures seen in Alchemy and Astrology.

He postulated that dreams are projections of the Unconscious.

He postulated that The Ocean of Reality resembles an ocean. The waves are the individual egos. Deep within the gross level is the subtle level. The subtle level of an individual ego he called the Personal Unconscious and the rock bottom of the Ocean of Reality is the Collective Unconscious, known as Brahman, the Absolute, in transcendental philosophy !

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