Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Song of Myself by Walt Whitman

Turning to the Inmost God is what is called " Vibhakthi ", or worshipping the Absolute Self, knowing that I am Thee ! Vibhakthi in Sanskrit corresponds to the Amor Intellectualis ( Intellectual Love ) of Bruno. We are One. Only through Vibhakthi, Intellectual Love, Amor Intellectualis can the world be saved !

Walt Whitman wrote

Swiftly I shrivel at the thought of God
At Nature and her wonders, Space, Time & Death
Then I turn to Thee, O Actual Me,
Lo ! Thou gently mastereth the orbs,
Thou matest with Time, smilest content with Death
And fillest swellest the vastnesses of Space !

The great poet Melpathur also wrote about the Absolute Self thus

In reality I am Thyself
For me there is no binding
By Nature's triune attributes
Nor Salvation; as Nescience
It is that binds the Absolute Self !
The Individual Soul Thou art, all Thou art,
Thou art the Intelligence visible, Nature,
There is nothing in this visible Universe
Which is different from Thee !

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