Friday, June 03, 2011

Inimical Mysticism III

Without an Opposition, there is no democratic process. Should all should extoll God? There should be somebody to criticise Him !

He is not a Human Being. He wont get angry either, like you or me. He is Being Absolute ( Sat ), Knowledge Absolute ( Chit ) & Bliss Absolute ( Ananda ) !

How can it be that Brahm
Could make a world so miserable
And if powerful, leave it so !
He is not good and if not all powerful
He is not God !

Said Bhagavan Buddha in the Light of Asia ( by Sir Edwin Arnold ) . When asked who the greatest philosopher ever was, Bertrand Russell quipped " Buddha .

Mammon led them on,
Mammon, the least erected soul
Who fell from Heaven
And even in Heaven his looks were downward bent
Admiring more
The riches of Heaven's pavemet, trodden gold

Said Milton.

Satan with his army carried the war into the Enemy's camp. They raged against the Highest ! With his army generals, Beelzebub, Mammon, Lucifer etc, they fought against the tyrranny of Heaven, against Him who gives the Cross to good and the throne to Evil, who gives wealth to Evil and lack of wealth to the good, who gives destruction to the good and blessings to Evil !

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