Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Broadmindedness of Indian Philosophy !

We may with successful hope resolve
To wage by force or guile eternal war
Irreconcilable to our Grand Foe
Who now trimphs and in excess of joy
Sole reigning holds the tyrranny of Heaven !

Says Satan in the Paradise Lost. Who wrote the Paradis Lost?

A world class poet called Miltion and he was following Vidwesha Bhakhti.

There is no philosopher who is not a Poet ( Na rishi kavih )

So he was a world class philosopher and poet, aware that the Lord had made him suffer, despite him being a scholar ! He had lived laborious days,yet the Lord made him bear the cross. He had studied hard, studied every portion of the Bible. He was blind and his life was sunk in immense suffering. So was Tasso's. So was Dante's.

Every Thesis has an Anti Thesis and handling both arguments is called the Dialectical Process. All lawyers know this, all politicians as well as Rishies.

Charvaka was a Rishie, yet an atheist. There is no God in Buddhism, yet it is a formidable system. Atheism, Agnosticism ( Buddhism ) etc adorn Indian Philosophy. A Hindu can be an athiest, he can be an agnostic, he can be a Shoonyavadi ( Buddhist ) or a Poornavadi ( Vedantin ) without being excommunicated like in other civilisations. This is the broadminded ness of Indian Philosophy.

The sloka Yada vairanubandhena is not made by me, but by a Rishie called Narada, who was a Bhaktha !

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