Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The final three stages of Becoming

There are three stages of Becoming

They are

The Noble End
The Middle End
The Ignoble End

The Noble End is referred to in the Sastras as Uthama Gathi. This happens when a man, saturated with the Beyond, aware of the Great Cosmic Game, seeks transmutation.

The Middle End is preferred by 80% of humanity. A man becomes a clerk, works hard, becomes a manager , marries, begets children. plays with his grand children and then dies. This is called Madhyama Gathi.

The Ignoble End is preferred by those who indulge in criminal acts. This is called Adhama Gathi. A man joins a smuggling gang, enjoys luxurious life, takes the sword and falls by the sword.

As we choose, the Self or the Lord shall fulfill Himself in us. If we choose a Madhyama Gathi, it can only end in a transient perfection.

The problem with Madhyama Gathi is that it is only a temporary ego satisfaction. It is only a transitory satisfaction and many are happy with such an arrested status.

The pramanam ( the verse for scriptural sanction ) for the three Gathis or the triune stages of Becoming is given in a verse by Bharthrihari.

Santhapta yasi samsthithasya payasu namapi na srooyathe
Mukthakaradaya thad eve nalini patrasthitham drishyate
Anta sagara shudhha madhya pathitham than mouktikam jayate
Prayenadhama madhyamothamajusha evam vidha vrittaya.

When a water drop falls on hot iron, it vanishes
If on lotus, it stays bright
A pearl it becomes on an oyster's shell
So is the evolutionary end of ends triune

Initiates feel the upward pull of the Mind most of the time, inspiring them to speak and write about things celestial. The upward movement is the master movement of Nature. The upward pull is that which pulls us from death to immortality and actualises in this mundane plane, the blissful and the luminous Kingdom of Heaven !

These threefold Gathis or states of Becoming are classified by the Vedantic traigunya vishaya veda ( that all Knowledge is threefold and that Nature is made up of the triune attributes, satwas, rajas and tamas ).

Adhama Gathi is tamas oriented. Madhyama Gathi is rajas oriented and Uthama Gathi is satwa oriented.

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