Thursday, June 02, 2011

Alchemical Allegory

The story of Jesus is an alchemical allegory.

In Alchemy, there are seven stages ( These correspond to the Seven States of Consciousness of SCI & TM ).


After the first two steps of Sanctification and Purification, the aspiring soul goes through the stages of Putrefaction, Fermentation and Combustion.

These three are the processes of Chemisty, which is derived from Alchemy. The founding fathers of Chemistry were all alchemists, those who trasmuted baser metals into gold. Converting copper or lead to Aurum is theoretically possible. You can change the atomic number of any element by proton bombardment.

The aspirig soul has inner tumults and agitations and these are represented by these three processes.

Combustion is Passion, the Passion of the Redeemer. Combustion is crucifixon, wherein the rebounding karma catches the aspirant unawares.

The question is asked why an aspirant is always carrying the Cross. Arent you a fool to carry the Cross all the time? The answer is that it is a paradoxical state of pain and Bliss. On the Cross, the fifth stage of Alchemy, the soul acquiesces in the Universal Will and welcomes the Divine Will with bliss.

The next stage is Regeneration. Free Masons and Rosucrucians are all alchemists and they admit that Alchemy is derived from the Vedists of the East.

The final stage is At One Ment, at One with the Universal, which is also the purpose of Yoga.

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