Saturday, May 28, 2011

Union via Love is greater !

Amongst the Threefold Yog
Wisdom, Love and Action
Bridal Mysticism is the greatest !

Since the Essence of Beauty is Thee
And Self Actualisation comes effortlessly
In Mysticism Bridal, as Love is all in all !

Evam Bhothathaya hi bhakti bi hitho
Yoga sa yoga dwayal
Karma Jnana dwayath bhrisothamatharo
Yogeeswarayair geeyathe

Soundarasya rasatmake thava khalu prema prakarshatmika
Bhaktir nisramameva vishva purushair
Labhya rama vallabha !

Work is worship, duty is divine
One duty is one's Yog !
This be the rationale of Karma Yog
But its effect is distant and far !

Deeply subtle are thoughts Upanishadic
Vedanta is difficult to study
The Absolute Self is inconceivable
By finite and defining Mind !
Philosophic principles like
I Absolute AM, I AM that I AM
Only reality is Self
Are difficult to comprehend !
Hence the most practical
And the noblest
Is unalloyed love for Thee
Which is Bridal Mysticism
Where Self is the lover, Self is the Bride !

Nishkamam niyatha swa dharma charanam
Yath Karma Yogabhidam
Thad doorethya phalam Yadaupanishada
Jnanam cha labhyam puna

Thathva avyakthata sudurga macharam
Chithasya thasmath vibho
Thvat Prematmaka bhaktireva sathatham
Swadeeyasi sreyasi !

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