Monday, May 30, 2011

Tantra and Vedanta are similar disciplines

The basic principles of Tantra and Vedanta are similar.

Great is Grace Divine
Divine is immanent in Truth
Truth is accessible to the Sages
Hence Sages are He !

Daivadheenam jagat sarvam
Sathyadheenam thu daivatham
Tat Satyam Uthamadheenam
Uthamo mama devatha

Grace is all in all
Divine is immanent in mantra
Mantra is known to Initiates
Initiates should be revered.

Daivadheenam jagat sarvam
Mantradheenam thu daivatham
Tat mantram brahmanadheenam
Brahmano mama devatha

It is only when we approach the Divine in his double aspect - double but inseparable - that the Truth becomes manifest to the inner experience. While Vedanta focusses on the Absolute Being ( Sat ), Tantra focusses on Absolute Knowledge ( Chit ). Only a combination of both or a blend of both can pave the way for integral Knowledge.

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