Thursday, March 08, 2012

Nature Philosophy and Sankhya

Wordsworth was a Nature Poet. Nature never did betray, said he, the heart that loved her.

Nature in her pellucid purity reminded him of Infinite Being.

With Bliss ineffable
I felt the sentiment of Being
Spread around,
Over all that liveth
And all that moveth still

He and Goerhe were Nature Philosophers. Nature Philosophy has her counterpart in Sankhya of Kapila.

Nature is the main cause, the efficient cause, averrs Sankhya. Pradhanam Prakrithim Prahuh.

Nature is the sole doer and Nature is Almighty. Nature is the outer garment of Spirit.

Aurobindo averred " Nature is veiled somnabulist Consciousness which contains within her all the latent powers of the Spirit. Behind every atom, behnd every molecule there lies hidden and works unknown all the omniscience of the Eternal and the omnipotence of the Infinite"

Nature is Saguna Brahman and it is He in manifestation 

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