Thursday, April 21, 2011

All worldy things are attended by fear !

The poet Bharthrihari is credited with some stellar verses. In his great poem about the Glory of Renunciation, he says all worldly things are attended by fear and that Renunciation of the world alone can give fearlessness.

There is fear of illness in enjoyment
In reputation and fame fear of falling
In Wealth, there is fear of rivals
In Prestige, there is fear of misery
In Strength, fear of adversary
In Beauty, fear of dotage
In Scholarship, fear of opponents
In Virtue, fear of vilifiers
All worldly things are accompanied by Fear
Renunciation alone giveth fearlessness !

Bhoge Roga Bhayam, Kule chyuthi bhayam
Vithe Nripalath Bhayam
Mane Dainya bhayam, bale ripu bhayam
roope jaraya bhayam
Sastre vadi bhayam Gune khala bhayam
Kaye krithanthat bhayam
Sarvam vastu bhayanvitham bhuvi nrinam

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