Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Truth is Omnipresent !

We are Truth seekers, but Truth always eludes us. By Truth is meant Absolute Truth, Cosmic Truth, Universal Truth.

To some, Truthful existence is suffering. Somebody wrote

Truth on the scaffold
Wrong on the throne

We find that Truthful existence is painful and difficult. Truth always puts us in a controversial situation. Imagine the lifes of Socrates, Jesus, Bruno & Mansoor. They were martyred because of Truth.

But poets say Truth is omnipotent. Let us listen to Swinburne

Truth only is living
Truth only is Whole
His for only giving
Man's polestar and pole !

or Aurobindo

For Truth is wider, greater than her forms
A thousand icons they have made of her
And they find her in the idols they adore
But she remains herself and infinite !

or Gandhi

Truth will win ultimately.

In our search for Truth, may be we confuse perspective with Truth. Maybe what our enemies say about us may be true. Are they saying falsehoods ? Yes, Truth is wider !

Philosophically, Truth is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Truth is all this. It is only our Ego which prevent us from actualising Truth !

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